How do online slots with multi-level bonus games work?

The most exciting development in online slots is the rise of multi-level bonus games. These are interactive bonus rounds with various stages that go beyond just free spins. Multi-level bonuses add layers of engagement through tasks like picking objects, shooting targets, and completing missions. But how do these complex bonus games work? Online slot mechanics behind multi-stage slot bonuses, looking at how they are triggered, progressed through, and resolved with rewarding outcomes. The structure of multi-level bonuses reveals just how much gameplay innovation they bring to the slots experience.

Entering the bonus game

Multi-level bonuses generally have two entry methods:

  1. Scatter symbols – Getting 3 or more bonus scatter symbols anywhere in the main game start the bonus round. The number of scatters often determines the starting level or available options.
  2. Base game wins – The bro138 slots award bonuses after big main game wins like hitting a full payline of the top symbol. The size of the win unlocks higher bonus levels.

Once triggered, the player is taken to a separate bonus interface with a visual theme matching the overall game. This is where they navigate through the various stages.

Progressing through levels

Multi-level bonuses guide players through stages using features like:

  • Level selection – Pick from different doors, paths, or objects to determine the next level.
  • Task resolution – Complete a task like shooting targets or picking matching symbols to advance.
  • Animated transitions – Cinematic sequences like crossing a bridge or climbing a tower transition between levels.
  • Meters filling – Progress bars filling up one level at a time leads to the next stage.
  • Collectible items – Gathering scrolls, potion bottles, gems, etc. unlocks the next part of the journey.

Most multi-stage games allow 2-4 steps, with each stage presenting new challenges to overcome before moving forward.

Bonus game tasks and interactions

The tasks presented at each stage offer engaging interactions that go beyond spinning reels. Common tasks include:

  1. Target shooting – Shoot objects like bottles or treasure chests using a cannon or other tool.
  2. Matching objects – Find matching symbols or prize bubbles under shifting objects.
  3. Picking items – Select from treasure chests, doors, scrolls, etc. to reveal prizes or advance.
  4. Tile flipping – Flip over mosaic tiles to reveal matching pairs and progress to the next round.
  5. Wheel spins – Spin a prize wheel with varying wedges awarding coins, gems, or other loot.
  6. Battles – Beat a dragon or other enemy in a duel using different attacks.

The diversity of tasks and built-in gambling keeps gameplay exciting at every step.

Bonus betting

The multi-level slots allow betting directly in the bonus levels themselves. Bet a portion of winnings from previous stages on next-level tasks. Wager on your performance in shooting galleries and other skill-based trials.  Bet a percentage of the jackpot about to be awarded on a coinflip or wheel spin for a chance to win even bigger. These side wagers add further gambling excitement and opportunities within the bonus journey.