Online slot multipliers – Key to amplifying your winnings

Online slots are a blast to play thanks to exciting themes, cool graphics, and the chance to win big money. But not all slot games are created equal with regards to winning potential. Savvy slot players look for games that feature multipliers as a key to amplifying winnings. Boost your payouts beyond standard fixed amounts with multipliers. By seeking out and taking advantage of multipliers, you give yourself the best odds of winning big!

Online slot multipliers

Multipliers do exactly what the name suggests – they multiply or boost the value of a winning spin by a set factor. Standard wins on a slot usually pay a fixed amount. For example, 5 sevens across a payline pay 500 credits. Better slots also have multipliers built into the game. When you hit a winning combo, the multiplier increases the payout. Using the 5 sevens example, if you triggered a 2X multiplier, that 500 win would double and pay 1000 credits! Multipliers typically range from 2X to as high as 10X or more. Many slots even offer progressive multipliers that increase after successive wins. A single spin that pays 500 credits suddenly becomes 5000 credits with a 10X multiplier! Multipliers appear randomly on many slots. But certain game features trigger them more frequently.

Free spins multipliers

One of the most lucrative ways to score big multipliers is through free spins bonuses. Nearly all slots have a free spins feature that’s triggered when you land 3 or more scatter symbols. When playing slots with free spins, always check if the free spins include multipliers. Free games often come with anywhere from a 2X to 10X multiplier applied to any wins! Essentially, you don’t need to spend money to spin, and the multiplier boosts any winnings. agen slot gacor even re-trigger more free spins within the bonus. Imagine hitting that with a 10X multiplier in effect! When you manage to trigger free spins with a big multiplier attached, it leads to huge value. Be sure to bet max when playing to maximize your free spins.

Expanding wild multipliers

Many online slots have wild symbols that substitute for other symbols to create winning combos. Some special expanding wilds carry multipliers with them. When the expanding wild lands, it covers multiple spaces while multiplying payouts by 2X, 3X, or more. Having an entire reel becomes a stacked expanding wild symbol with a 5X multiplier creates some massive wins! Always play slots that advertise expanding wild multipliers. The more the wild expands to cover symbols, the bigger your multiplied payout will be.

Some new online slots include bonus features that let you directly purchase a multiplier. The additional coins are bet as 20, 30, or 50 coins. Doing so instantly applies a multiplier to any wins you score on that spin. When you notice the multiplier meter filling up, try buying one. Yes, it costs more per spin. But hitting a decent win with a 5X or 10X multiplier in play returns way more than the cost to activate it.