Singapore Pools Betting: Understanding Exotic Horse Bets

When you ask people what they do for their leisure time, online betting Malaysia will probably appear on the list. Betting has been one of the most well-loved pastimes worldwide. This activity is continuously gaining popularity for being entertaining. It is believed that many participants feel like betting can help them escape their real-life problems. In addition, it also brings a sense of belongingness to its participants. 

But more than the entertainment it brings, many people continue to participate in betting because of the money you can earn. Some even created a career out of betting because of this. But before you look for a sportsbook Malaysia and place your wager on any sport you want, it is better if you first have an understanding of the betting types.

One example of these betting types is the exotic horse bet. These bets are among the most popular betting types used in horse racing. Betting on exotics permits bettors to maximize their earnings by placing multiple horse wagers in one race or punting on a series of races. 

Exotic horse bets have two types: horizontal and vertical exotic bets. The horizontal refers to multi-race parlays that enable bettors to place wagers on horses they predict will finish first in two to six races. Bettors must remember that in order to win in horizontal exotic bets, your whole parlay must win. Otherwise, if one horse loses, the entire wager will also lose. 

On the other hand, the vertical exotic bets are multi-horse parlays for one race. Bettors must correctly identify the finishing order of horses to win the prize in this type of betting. Vertical exotic bet has three kinds: the exacta, trifecta, and superfecta. 

Many horse racing gamblers love betting on the exotics as the payout can be massive. But despite the enormous winnings you can earn, beginners must not let this entice them. Because while huge payouts are possible, exotic horse bet is risky and costly.

To know more about exotic horse bets, you may check this infographic by CM2BET. 


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